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6 tips to use fewer paper towels at home

CNET – Paper towels are in high demand and low stock these days. These smart ideas help you stretch your supply or avoid using it altogether. “Now that you’re staying home as part of your state’s lockdown, quarantine or shelter in place efforts, you might be using paper towels at an unprecedented rate. It just so happens that these common household items — along with toilet paper, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer — are in short supply. (Here are alternative stores to buy electronics and other goods.) If you don’t want to fret about when you store will restock (some do offer alerts), it might be time to change your habits. There are easy ways to ration your existing paper towel supply, and other, more readily available items, that you can use instead of reaching for the kitchen roll. You might even find that these new techniques save you money over time. Read on for more tips to cut down your paper towel usage and let us know about any of your additional suggestions in the comments…”

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