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6 epidemiologists on how omicron is and isn’t changing their holiday plans

Vox: “With the omicron variant causing huge surges of Covid-19 infection, many of us are anxiously reconsidering our holiday plans. Is air travel safe? Can we still hug our parents? How should we think about testing? What about holiday parties? I asked six epidemiologists how omicron is and isn’t changing their near-term plans. Most were already planning to keep things low-key, but they have added some modifications to make their gatherings safer in light of the variant. These include adding in buffer time between air travel and seeing relatives, testing multiple times, and taking into consideration whether contacts have been boosted as well as being vaccinated. As you’re thinking about how to make your holiday plans as safe as possible, it helps to consider things in two stages: what you can do before you or your guests set out, and what to do once you or they have arrived. Let’s break it down…”

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