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5 DuckDuckGo Features You Should Be Using

How to Geek: “DuckDuckGo is primarily known for its focus on privacy. But the search engine (and now browser) offers several helpful features, many of which aren’t even available on Google or Bing. So if you are new to DuckDuckGo, here are five features to improve your search experience.”

See also Gizmodo – DuckDuckGo Will Block Google’s ‘Invasive, Annoying’ Sign-In Popups. “A wave of new Google popups is spreading across the web, but a new feature from DuckDuckGo blocks them automatically…“They popups are invasive, annoying and they undermine user privacy,” said Peter Dolanjski, director of product for DuckDuckGo. “Google is employing a dark pattern by pushing you to sign in when you might not have otherwise. When you do, Google is is tracking what you do on those websites and linking it to your identity.”

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