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5 AI tools that can think and write like humans

ZDNet – “These five tools can actually think and write just like humans! (Or at least they can passably get you started.) It would have been hard to miss the buzz around AI-powered text generation, and in spheres like content marketing a host of tools are now broadly used for day-to-day tasks. Journalists are no doubt next, so it’s with trepidation that we call out some of the top tools currently in use to generate articles, blogs, and relevant words automatically (and without, ahem, a well-trained writer at the switch). But the praise comes with a caution, as well: Be realistic about the capabilities of GPT-3 and other text generation tools. It’s not a magical salve for all your company’s writing woes but rather a useful tool that can be integrated within a professional content generation structure. Yes, that means you should probably keep a few ink-stained wretches around for the foreseeable future. So what is AI-assisted writing good at? Well, we’ve come a long way since spellcheck. Consistent brand voice is one particularly valuable functionality, particularly if you have multiple contributors in your content stack. Some of these products can help with SEO, which is a moving target but still coin of the realm for many publishers. Chat is also an important area of exposure between companies and customers. AI can help customer service teams stay on brand and can refine messaging based on latest information and use cases. Whatever your reason for exploring writing assistance tools, there are currently many tools out there capable of assisting with articles, blogs, and relevant words automatically. Here we’ve tried to narrow down some of the popular options after taking a broad survey of what content marketing professionals are actually using…”

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