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Daily Archives: June 24, 2024

America in Facts 2024: A Data-Driven Report for Congress

“To create America in Facts 2024, USAFacts interviewed Congressional staff on their topics of interest and the challenges they face when using data. These interviews spanned the House of Representatives and the Senate, included Republicans and Democrats, and identified several topics that we used to inform this report. We hope that members of Congress and their staff can use these metrics and data visualizations as starting points for debates on policy. Explore the findings and interact with the data shared with Congress below. To learn more about these topics, download the report.”

Researchers describe how to tell if ChatGPT is confabulating

Ars Technica: “It’s one of the world’s worst-kept secrets that large language models give blatantly false answers to queries and do so with a confidence that’s indistinguishable from when they get things right. There are a number of reasons for this. The AI could have been trained on misinformation; the answer could require some extrapolation… Continue Reading

AI, Lawyers, and the Courts

Boyd, Megan, AI, Lawyers, and the Courts (June 18, 2024). Georgia State University College of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or “AI is ubiquitous, but many lawyers and judges are rightly uncertain about its utility in law. This article explores generative AI (GenAI) and demonstrates how various GenAI programs,… Continue Reading

Americans’ Views of Government’s Role: Persistent Divisions and Areas of Agreement

Pew – Wide majorities of Biden and Trump supporters oppose cuts to Social Security: “While the economy, immigration and abortion have emerged as major issues in the 2024 election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump also have dramatically different ideas about the size and role of government. These differences reflect decades-old divisions between Democrats and Republicans… Continue Reading

Project 2025, Election 2024, and America’s Future

TIME: “…Project 2025 led by the right-wing think tank the Heritage Foundation, Project 2025 is a presidential transition operation—basically a government-in-waiting if former President Donald Trump returns to office on Jan. 20, 2025. The $22 million effort does not say it is specifically intended for Trump, but that it wants a conservative as the next… Continue Reading

2024 Law Firm Climate Change Scorecard

Law Students for Climate Accountability: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our first-ever multinational report. Expanding upon our 2024 Law Firm Climate Change Scorecard, which grades the “Vault 100” firms according to their fossil fuels work, the full report includes additional U.K. and Irish firms as well as lessons from COP28 and recent… Continue Reading

Philadelphia Experiences Biggest Drop in Gun Violence Among Major U.S. Cities

TIME: “Philadelphia has experienced the biggest drop in gun violence among major U.S. cities so far in 2024, according to a new report from a Washington D.C.-based think tank. The Center for American Progress (CAP) released Tuesday its analysis of Gun Violence Archive (GVA) data, which is an online archive of gun violence incidents gathered… Continue Reading

ABA Task Force on Law and Artificial Intelligence survey on AI and legal education

“The American Bar Association and the ABA Task Force on Law and Artificial Intelligence released the results of its AI and Legal Education Survey, a compilation of insights gathered from law school administrators and faculty regarding the integration of artificial intelligence into legal education. The survey was completed by 29 law school deans or faculty… Continue Reading

MTV News Website Goes Dark

Variety – Archives Pulled Offline: “More than two decades’ worth of content published on is no longer available after MTV appears to have fully pulled down the site and its related content. Content on its sister site,, seems to have met a similiar fate. In 2023, MTV News was shuttered amid the financial… Continue Reading