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Daily Archives: December 13, 2017

Twitter enables threading of tweets to increase length of postings

Twitter Blog: “…we’re thrilled to share that we’re making it simpler to thread Tweets together, and to find threads, so it’s easier to express yourself on Twitter and stay informed. We’ve made it easy to create a thread by adding a plus button in the composer, so you can connect your thoughts and publish your threaded Tweets all at the same time. You can continue adding more Tweets to your published thread at any time with the new “Add another Tweet” button. Additionally, it’s now simpler to spot a thread – we’ve added an obvious “Show this thread” label. A few weeks ago, we expanded our character count to make it easier for people to fit what they’re thinking into a Tweet. But we know people also may want to serialize a longer story or thought, or provide ongoing commentary on an event or topic. That’s where this update to threads comes in! You’ve been using threads in creative ways like these for years – the ways and reasons to thread your Tweets are limited only by your imagination…”

Legal-Writing Exercises: Part V—Punctuation

Lebovits, Gerald, Legal-Writing Exercises: Part V—Punctuation (November 2017). Gerald Lebovits, The Legal Writer, Legal-Writing Exercises: Part V—Punctuation, 89 N.Y. St. B.J. 64 (Nov./Dec. 2017).. Available at SSRN: “This column, the fifth in a six-part series on legal-writing exercises, gives questions and answers on punctuation: quotations, hyphens, commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks.” Continue Reading

The complex shape of terrorism with its ideological vertices, illustrated through data.

“Terrorism is the consequence of some groups’ activities originated from the violent radicalization of different mindsets. It is a complex phenomenon and in the 90s the “Declaration on Joint Action to Counter Terrorism” of the ONU General Assembly recognised it as a global threat to peace and international safety. There are three core sources that… Continue Reading

Report – Hiding in Plain Sight: How UK companies are used to launder corrupt wealth

“Transparency International UK has analysed 52 cases of global corruption – amounting to £80 billion – and found hundreds of UK registered shell companies at the heart of these scandals. At the same time the UK’s system to prevent this abuse is failing. This new research, Hiding in Plain Sight, has found 766 companies registered in the… Continue Reading

Paper – Tax Games, Roadblocks, and Glitches Under the New Legislation

Avi-Yonah, Reuven S. and Batchelder, Lily L. and Fleming, J. Clifton and Gamage, David and Glogower, Ari D. and Hemel, Daniel Jacob and Kamin, David and Kane, Mitchell and Kysar, Rebecca M. and Miller, David S. and Shanske, Darien and Shaviro, Daniel and Viswanathan, Manoj, The Games They Will Play: Tax Games, Roadblocks, and Glitches… Continue Reading

Report – A big year for fact-checking, but not for new U.S. fact-checkers

Duke Reporter’s Lab – Following a historic pattern, the number of American media outlets verifying political statements dropped after last year’s presidential campaign. “All the talk about political lies and misinformation since last year’s election has been good for the fact-checking business in the United States — but it has not meant an increase in… Continue Reading

POGO – Revealing the Lost World of Government Reports

POGO – “Congress is considering a simple but important step in overseeing federal agencies. A recently introduced bill would require a one-stop, easy-to-use, online location for all congressionally mandated reports. This may put an end to the world of lost and hidden government reports. Each year, Congress mandates that federal agencies report on programs, laws,… Continue Reading