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10,000 websites, 10 years: Inside US govt behemoth plan to overhaul its online presence

Fast Company: “…According to the White House, as of last September, 45% of federal websites weren’t mobile friendly, 60% had possible accessibility issues, and 80% didn’t use the U.S. Web Design System code, the federal government’s design system meant to create a cohesive look and easy-to-understand user experience. A memo from President Joe Biden’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has outlined how government agencies should design their sites, and laid out the scale of what had to be fixed. The government’s design system includes tokens, guidance for building an effective and inclusive user experience, standardized graphics for alerts and buttons, and a website banner that shows the U.S. flag and the text “an official website of the United States government” with a link for more information…”

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