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WSJ – Google, Shmoogle. Reference Librarians Are Busier Than Ever

WSJ (sub. req’d): “…Even in the internet age, reference librarians still dig up answers that require extra effort, searching old books, microfilm and paper files, looking for everything from owners of long-defunct firms to 19th-century weather reports. Though online searches are now at the fingertips of most people, many still prefer to call or visit a library. Some can’t or don’t use computers; others recognize librarians have search skills and access to databases that search engines can’t match…Even in Silicon Valley, where people might be expected to be search wizards, libraries get plenty of questions…” [“preaching to the choir,” but come on people, our expertise will always be in demand, our profession is all about “extra effort” and no Google is not the gateway to all knowledge…etc., etc., etc. – thank you to each and every librarian working in America and to those all over the world.]

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