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Web Archiving services at the National Archives

Notes from a Webinar – by Clare Brown: Webinar: “Web archiving services at the National Archives” (Wednesday 3 February 2021) Speaker: Tom Storrar – Web Archiving Service Owner at The National Archives; Chair: Fiona Laing (currently Chair of SCOOP – Standing Committee on Official Publication). “Do you remember when we used to pay educational visits to physical archives? These events were always a privilege; to go behind the scenes and breathe in the organisational magic of rolling stacks and special storage units. When I read that Tom Storrar, Web Archiving Service Owner at The National Archives (TNA), was presenting a webinar, I immediately signed up and was excited to join CILIP GIG colleagues online. We weren’t disappointed. Tom and his colleagues (7 full-time and one part-time) have the important role of officially preserving the UK government’s online material. Technology has often run ahead of government, which has left researchers stranded. The issue of missing or inaccessible online government information has caused problems in the past, and was raised in parliament, for instance in 2006 and 2009…”

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