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Univ of Washington – New portal takes you deep within the ocean’s hidden world “”n her introductory oceanography class, Cheryl Greengrove’s undergraduate students learn how one of the most critical forces of nature — upwelling — ties the rotation of the Earth, weather patterns and climate to what is happening in the ocean. Now, with a new Interactiveoceans website launched in June, her students will be able to apply what they learn in a textbook to what’s actually happening in the ocean. They will be able to explore real-time data to evaluate whether upwelling is happening off the Oregon coast— when the wind blows parallel to the coast, forcing the deeper water up to replace the water being pushed off shore — using data on wind direction, oxygen, nitrate and chlorophyll levels, water temperature and salinity. Even more, the data can help the students better understand one of the most biologically productive areas of the ocean…”

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