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UN launches Cyber Policy Portal

“The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) has just launched a Cyber Policy Portal that serves as an interactive, ‘at a glance’ tool for policymakers and experts. For the first time on a single site, users can access concise yet comprehensive cyber policy profiles of all 193 UN Member States, as well as regional and international organizations. Individual profiles summarize and link key cyber strategy documents, responsible agencies, legislation, and multilateral agreements. While governments are increasingly making their cybersecurity strategies and policies publicly available, policy-makers and experts seeking to develop an overview of national and international cyber policies often still need to piece together data from disparate sources. They attempt to identify relevant information in foreign languages, scour lengthy printed reports, and maneuver past complex assessment scores.

The sleek new Portal improves access to this critical information in a single, user-friendly tool. Search filters and a compare function allow easy analysis of progress across States and regions. Additional features include sharable and printable profiles, and feedback mechanisms to allow timely updates. All data is from open source and voluntarily submitted material with links to primary sources accessible within the Portal. Check out this short video to learn more and let us know what you think!”

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