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UK Cairncross Review: a sustainable future for journalism

The Cairncross Review into the future of the UK news industry has delivered its final report, with recommendations on how to safeguard the future sustainability of the UK press. 12 February 2019.

  • Online platforms should have a ‘news quality obligation’ to improve trust in news they host, overseen by a regulator
  • Government should explore direct funding for local news and new tax reliefs to support public interest journalism
  • A new Institute for Public Interest News should focus on the future of local and regional press and oversee a new innovation fund
  • The independent review, undertaken by Dame Frances Cairncross, was tasked by the Prime Minister in 2018 with investigating the sustainability of the production and distribution of high-quality journalism.
  • It comes as significant changes to technology and consumer behaviour are posing problems for high-quality journalism, both in the UK and globally…”

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