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Thousands of Historical California Legislative Publications Digitized and Openly Available Online

HathiTrust Blog: “HathiTrust now includes 4,000 California Assembly and Senate publications in its digital repository, available as a featured collection available for reading access worldwide. The result of a collaboration between the California Office of Legislative Counsel and librarians at the University of California, Stanford University, and the California State Library, the project was initiated at the University of California’s California Digital Library (CDL) by Heather Christenson, the current HathiTrust Program Officer for Federal Documents and Collections.  “Everyone on this project, from our partners in higher ed to the California state government, recognizes the importance of preserving government publications. We couldn’t have done it without collective will and effort, and HathiTrust’s commitment to digital preservation makes this possible,” says Christenson. The collected California legislative materials include introduced bills, amended bills, and statutes of the California Assembly and Senate, some dating back to 1849, as well as published materials that support, augment, or contextualize the bills. Anyone may access the public domain materials in the HathiTrust Digital Library to browse, read, or download one page at a time. Individuals affiliated with one of HathiTrust’s 140+ member institutions have special access to download full-work PDFs of the volumes. Data mining and textual analysis can also be performed on the publications using tools in the HathiTrust Research Center. The collection is not yet comprehensive, as there are gaps in the series for each publication type, and work will continue to locate copies of missing volumes, to digitize them, and to include them in this set of open materials…”

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