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This Turkish library is shaped like a shelf of giant books

Literary Hub: “Here’s something wonderful: Karabuk University’s library, in Karabuk, Turkey, is designed to look like a row of large books on a shelf. It’s so cheerful—and there is a pleasure and clarity in something stating what it is. Others have noticed the joy of buildings like this: architects Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour coined the term “duck architecture” in their 1972 book Learning from Las Vegas to describe structures whose designs reveal their functions. A hot dog stand shaped like a hot dog; a tea museum shaped like a teapot; a shop that sells ducks and duck eggs shaped like a duck, duck architecture’s namesake. Rather than a “decorated shed,” a building which draws attention to its function by affixing symbols to its front, like a sign that says “COFFEE HERE,” a “duck” is a symbol itself…”

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