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This Is Not Fake News (but Don’t Go by the Headline)

The New York Times – This Is Not Fake News (but Don’t Go by the Headline) – “Fake news — a neologism to describe stories that are just not true, like Pizzagate, and a term now co-opted to characterize unfavorable news — has given new urgency to the teaching of media literacy. Are Americans less able to assess credibility? Can they discern real news from disinformation? These are some of the questions Paul Mihailidis [Director of the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change] explores with his Emerson College students. Director of a new graduate program, Civic Media: Art and Practice, Dr. Mihailidis studies the intersection of civic engagement and media literacy — the ability to evaluate, analyze and create media. In a paper to be published this spring, Dr. Mihailidis explores the creation and spread of fake news and argues that media literacy as currently conceived may not solve the problem…”

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