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Thinking about quitting Facebook? There’s a demographic analysis for that

EurekAlert: “People are either Facebook users or they are not. Facebook user data can be used to draw conclusions about general social phenomena. According to Eric P.S. Baumer, who studies human-computer interaction, the simple statements above are, in fact, not so simple–nor are they true. Baumer’s new research takes a fine-grained look at Facebook use and non-use, using a more nuanced approach than has previously been undertaken. Rather than employing a simple binary of two categories–use and non-use–Baumer’s study looks at demographic and socioeconomic factors that impact Facebook use and non-use using four categories:

  • current user, who currently has and uses a Facebook account;
  • deactivated, who has temporarily deactivated her/his account but could technically reactivate at any time;
  • considered deactivating, who has considered deactivating her/his account but never actually done so; and
  • never used, who has never had a Facebook account…”

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