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The World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022

Fast Company: “Innovating on behalf of customers never goes out of fashion. Our definitive annual showcase of the best in business features inspiring stories across a wide range of industries, from advertising to wellness, and every corner of the globe. The companies we honor below are pressuring the carbon economy by creating a market for removing CO2 from the atmosphere (Stripe), developing chemicals without the traditional reliance on fossil fuels (Solugen, Twelve), electrifying lower-income housing (BlocPower), and using data to help countries (Climate Trace), companies (Watershed), and individuals (Doconomy) minimize their carbon footprints. They’re adapting to our world of hybrid workplaces by building tools with the stresses of remote work in mind (Microsoft), creating virtual whiteboards that turn every meeting into an opportunity for collaboration (Miro), and developing design software that lets every employee be an effective visual communicator (Canva). Other businesses are knitting new, closer relationships between fans and the things they love, whether that’s the global K-pop sensation BTS or Justin Bieber (Hybe); athletes from the NBA, UFC, or La Liga (Dapper Labs); or simply a burrito bowl (Chipotle). These stories, found on our list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, plus the hundreds of other ones honored across our sector lists, are brimming with insights into how organizations can make a meaningful impact—on their own organizations, their industries, and society at large.”

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