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The United States Now Has a Federal Data Strategy

“Government agencies will implement the Federal Data Strategy through steps identified in annual government-wide Action Plans. These plans will identify priority Action Steps for a given year, incrementally build from year to year, and complement as needed requirements of new statute and policy. The priority of the draft 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan (hereinafter Year-1 Action Plan) is to align existing efforts and establish a firm basis of tools, processes, and capacities to leverage data as a strategic asset. The draft Year-1 Action Plan describes the steps that are viewed as fundamental during the first year to execute the full breadth of the Federal Data Strategy over time. They are informed by and built upon previous efforts, align with ongoing Federal Government programs and policies, and complement new statutory requirements.

The goal of the draft Year-1 Action Plan is to begin to implement the Federal Data Strategy through a set of fundamental actions. Specifically:

  • Designated entities will develop and share government-wide resources and/or tools for implementing the Federal Data Strategy related to governance, ethical data management and use, data protection, workforce training, streamlined access to federal data assets, and the establishment of data inventories and data cataloging.
  • Specific federal communities will improve the management and use of specific data asset portfolios including geospatial data and financial management data.
  • Federal agencies will begin working across silos to determine how they can better support their missions and serve stakeholders by making better use of the Federal Government’s full portfolio of data assets. Agencies will be investing in necessary infrastructure improvements, including workforce training and improvements related to data protection and access…”

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