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The State of the Web – A guide to impactful performance improvements

Karolina Szczur – via Medium: “The Internet is growing exponentially, and so is the Web platform we create. Often though we fail to reflect on the greater picture of connectivity and contexts the audience of our work might find themselves in. Even a short glance at the state of the World Wide Web shows that we haven’t been building with empathy, situation variability awareness, let alone performance in mind. So, what is the state of the Web today? Only 46% of 7.4 billion people on this planet have access to the Internet. The average network speed caps at unimpressive 7Mb/s. More importantly, 93% of Internet users are going online through mobile devices — it becomes inexcusable to not cater to handhelds. Often data is more expensive than we’d assume — it could take anywhere from an hour to 13 hours to purchase 500MB packet…”

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