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The Next Version of RECAP is Now Live

“The original RECAP extension for Firefox was launched eight years ago. [November 13, 2017] we launched an all new version. Since the original launch in 2009, we’ve kept the system running smoothly, added a Chrome extension, and — with your help — collected and shared information about tens of millions of PACER documents. [On November 13, 2017 we announced] the future of RECAP. If you’re an existing Firefox or Chrome user, you should automatically get this update over the next 24 hours. If you’re a new user, just learning about RECAP, you can find links for Firefox or Chrome on the right, and you can learn more on the RECAP homepage. As this new system rolls out, these are the big changes:

  1. As you’re using PACER, the extensions will stop providing links to the Internet Archive, and will instead provide links to CourtListener and the RECAP Archive, where dockets and documents are fully text searchable.
  2. Links to CourtListener will be available very soon after an upload from PACER is complete — possibly within seconds or minutes. This has been the most-requested enhancement we’ve heard over the years, and we’re really happy to be bringing this today. We think it will make a huge difference to how people use RECAP. No more day-long waits for your uploads!
  3. The current restrictions to uploading very large dockets has been be lifted. For the first time in a very long time, we support the biggest, most important cases without issue. If you’ve struggled with this issue in the past, rejoice — things are finally better.
  4. For the first time ever, we are using the same extension for Chrome, Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Opera, Safari, and even IE Edge. As of today, we’ve tested our new extension on Opera, Firefox, Firefox Mobile, and Chrome. It works in all those places, and we’re looking for help to bring it to IE Edge and Safari. We are currently waiting for approval in the Opera add-on store. Expect that soon.Having one codebase for all of these browsers makes a monumental difference in how quickly we can enhance RECAP, but we do need help or financial support to make Safari and IE Edge possible…”

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