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The New Yorker Poetry Bot

The New Yorker Poetry Bot was developed in collaboration with Courtney Stanton and Darius Kazemi. They are the same artist-coders who crafted @staywokebot, a tool for activists in the form of a Twitter bot, and Madam Eva, an interactive fortune-telling bot that ran on the Dungeons & Dragons Twitter account. Kazemi, working under the name Tiny Subversions, also created the Harry Potter-themed @SortingBot, which generated rhyming quatrains that placed followers into a Hogwarts house. Follow The New Yorker Poetry Bot using the instructions below.

Facebook Messenger:

Click here to install the bot. When prompted, select the Messenger App. Click “Get Started” and you’ll be asked what time of day you’d like to receive your daily poem—morning (9 A.M.), afternoon (1 P.M.), evening (7 P.M.), or night (10 P.M.). Once you select your delivery time, you’ll receive your first poem excerpt, with a link to read and/or listen to the poem in full on The next poem will arrive at the time you selected. To stop receiving messages, respond with the word “Stop” at any time. If you want to continue to receive poems, do not delete this conversation.


Follow @tnypoetry. Once you follow the bot, it will tweet an excerpt of a poem at you, with a link to read and/or listen to the poem in full on After that initial tweet, you’ll see tweets from the bot in your Twitter feed once a day. The tweet won’t @-message the poem to individual users, so if you’re not looking at your timeline at the time it’s sent, you’ll need to scroll to get it. To stop seeing tweets from the bot, simply unfollow @tnypoetry.”

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