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The Mobility Space Report: What the Street!?

What the Street!? was derived out of the question “How do new and old mobility concepts change our cities?”. It was raised by Michael Szell and Stephan Bogner during their residency at moovel lab. With support of the lab team they set out to wrangle data of cities around the world to develop and design this unique Mobility Space Report. What the Street!? was made out of open-source software and resources. Thanks to the OpenStreetMap contributors and many other pieces we put together the puzzle of urban mobility space seen above. Read more about the technical details behind The Mobility Space Report: What the Street!? on our blog: ; Download the Press Kit

“If you take a snapshot of Berlin from space on a typical time of the day, you see 60,000 cars on the streets and 1,200,000 cars parked. Why are so many cars parked? Because cars are used only 36 minutes per day, while 95% of the time they just stand around unused. In Berlin, these 1.2 million parking spots take up the area of 64,000 playgrounds, or the area of 4 Central Parks.”

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