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The Germany Shock: The Largest Economy Nobody Understands

Conrad Bastable – How Germany Is Able To Run The World’s Second Largest Export Economy In The Post-Industrial Era – “The Germany Shock” describes European growth & the efficiency-maximizing centralization of European manufacturing activity after the launch of the Single Market and the Euro. Two questions sparked this: 1) why did Europe only adopt the Euro & the Single Market after its Cold War-era existential challenge was over, and 2) how has Germany maintained an export-oriented Industrial Manufacturing Powerhouse while every other developed nation is going post-Industrial?…

Here’s some data most people never see. None of this essay makes sense if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s a bit academic at first, but you’ve got to understand it if you want to get to the entertaining stuff later. Given my focus on the Euro (as a mechanism of exchange and therefore Trade) and the Single Market (obviously about Trade) both being adopted post-German-reunification, the data I want to see is:

  1. Who is making money by Trading with other countries, and exactly how much?
  2. How important is that Trade to each nation?
  3. +some way to show the massive GDP differences between nations — some business models only work at a small scale…”

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