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The Best Career Hacks Ever: How 57 Women Made It To The Very Top

Forbes: “Statistically speaking, the odds of becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company are a little better than lightning striking you dead. If you’re a woman, you may be more likely to be attacked by a shark. But there’s hope. In fact, there’s a plan of action you can begin now. The number of female Fortune 500 CEOs is doubling every five years, and two insightful women and their team at organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry have designed a program to accelerate that trend and increase your odds. Jane Stevenson and Evelyn Orr, both c-suite executives themselves, studied 57 female CEOs to uncover the common personal attributes and workplace experiences that prepared–and propelled–these women to the pinnacle of career success in spite of the headwinds against them. “We were tired of talking about the problem,” Stevenson said, “we wanted to find out what happens when women are successful and why. And we wanted to replicate it…”

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