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Teaching Law: A Framework for Instructional Mastery

Miller, Nelson P., Teaching Law: A Framework for Instructional Mastery (March 20, 2018). Teaching Law: A Framework for Instructional Mastery, 2nd eds, ISBN: 978-0-9980601-8-7; 2018. Available at SSRN:

“This text for law professors has fourteen sections following a typical law school term. Section topics include Course Objectives, Syllabi, Lectures, Socratic Method, Differentiating Instruction, Integrating Instruction, Assessment, Multiple Choice Questions, Essay Questions, and Scoring and Grading. The text includes a beginning section on Pedagogy to help professors appreciate theoretical schools on education and the history of law teaching, and a concluding section on T eaching Vision.The text offers useful insights for anyone who teaches law and wants to improve at it. Reflection questions and exercises frame each section, engaging readers to implement suggestions and designs. Exhaustively researched, the text trains readers to articulate proper learning objectives, use syllabi more productively, adopt best practices when they lecture and use Socratic questioning, make learning more visual, and create better assessment instruments, among other reforms.”

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