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Table of Disruptive Technologies

Tech Foresight: “A dashboard of 100 wonderful, weird (and possibly worrying) ways the world might change in the foreseeable future. The purpose of this publication is to make individuals and institutions future ready. Also, to make people think, at least periodically. It is a mixture of prediction and provocation intended to stimulate debate, but be aware that other elements should always be considered when assessing potential impact, especially the wider psychological and regulatory landscape in which technologies exist. Most importantly, the technologies highlighted on this table appear without any discussion of moral or ethical factors. Generally speaking, no technology should be used unless it improves the human condition and with potentially disruptive technologies always remember that “with great power comes great responsibility”. (There are various attributions for this quote ranging from Spiderman, Dr Spock, Yoda, Churchill, Roosevelt and possibly the French Revolution). Each of the 100 technologies has been subjectively categorised according to five broad themes, which are:

  • Data Ecosystems
  • Smart Planet
  • Extreme Automation
  • Human Augmentation
  • Human-Machine Interactions..”
  • Imperial Tech Foresight…”

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