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Survey: Only 7% of Workers Say They’re Most Productive in the Office

FlexJobs: “Where do you go when you have a really important work task or project to do? If you’re like 93 percent of people, your answer isn’t the office. According to a FlexJobs survey of over 3,100 professionals, only 7 percent of workers say the office is their location of choice if they need to be most productive on important work-related projects.  More than half (51 percent) of people said that their home is their preferred place to work. Eight percent said they would choose a coffee shop, coworking space, library, or other place besides the office and another 8 percent would choose the office, but only outside regular hours. Twenty-six percent go to the office during regular hours to complete important work because it’s not an option to leave. And that’s just the tip of the informational iceberg that is FlexJobs’ 5th Annual Super Survey. We also put together a report on the responses of working parents who took our survey, which was released earlier this month. And read our report on the information from baby boomers who took our survey. Read on to find out how professionals feel about flexible jobs, where and how they’d prefer to work, their reasons for wanting work flexibility, and how employers benefit, too…”

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