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Study Shows Difference in Ranking Videos on Google and YouTube of 56%

Stone Temple: “Count on it: Google is going to optimize for the best combination of user experience/satisfaction (market share) and revenue on each of its platforms. What users expect on YouTube vs. Google Search is different. Stating that a bit more subtly, think of this as optimizing their ongoing revenue over time. With that in mind, we did what we always do at Stone Temple: We collected data on which videos rank in YouTube, and which ones rank in Google, and we analyzed it in detail.

What I’ll Share in This Post:

  1. Data that shows just how different the YouTube and Google algorithms for ranking videos are
  2. Additional data that will show some of the reasons for those differences
  3. An analysis of how the two algorithms differ
  4. A short, crisp YouTube Video Optimization Checklist
  5. A short, crisp Google Video Optimization Checklist…”

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