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Studies again show pen and paper beats laptop for retaining info in class

Yes, we say again – we know this – and we continue to “take notes” using pen and paper – this is not about technology – it is about comprehension and retention (knowledge management). “Even though technology allows us to do more in less time, it does not always foster learning. That’s why some college professors are saying “no more laptops or tablets” and going old-school, forcing note taking on paper only. But, students who grew up more familiar with keyboards than cursive are struggling to adjust to this device-free stance. University of Kansas associate professor of journalism Carol Holstead is one of many across the country who initially noticed how distracted students became while taking notes on their laptops. One day, she even observed two rows of students gawking at one student’s computer, clearly watching a funny YouTube video. After that, she declared her classrooms device-free zones…” Same for meetings at work!

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