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Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge in Supreme Court Amicus Brief on Gerrymandering

“A challenge to a partisan redistricting plan in Wisconsin goes before the Supreme Court this fall in the case of Gill v. Whitford. In the New York Times article “The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math,” Emily Bazelon writes of the significance of the case, “The outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision in Gill v. Whitford is likely to shape American politics for years and perhaps decades to come.” Social Explorer Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Beveridge collaborated on an amicus brief for the trial (filed yesterday). Professor Beveridge is a nationally recognized research scholar in the area of redistricting and an expert on drawing district lines. The brief is unique in its focus on the role of big data and modern redistricting tools and analysis. Now more than ever, political leaders in power are able to draw more and more nuanced maps that favor their parties’ candidates. At the same time, experts and courtrooms can also use these advances to better evaluate and challenge redistricting plans. Read the introduction and summary of argument to find out more. (The full brief is available here.)”

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