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Search health related topics on Google to locate mapping of stats on state and local level

Fortune, John Patrick Pullen – “You can find a lot of things using Google, though sadly the cure for cancer won’t likely be one of them. But a new initiative at the search giant may help provide a better understanding of how the disease and other American health challenges—like diabetes, depression, stroke, and obesity—impact our lives. The project, Searching for Health, tracks health-related searches on a map and over time, and will updated regularly in the future. Created in a collaboration between Schema, a Seattle-based design firm, Google News Lab, the company’s initiative to provide information for journalism, and the data visualization journalist Alberto Cairo, Searching for Health, tracks health searches at a very local level and compares the data with statistics supplied by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The tool was released earlier this month, and lets users examine the perception of diseases with actual prevalence, though the site’s findings can be more helpful than that…”

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