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Report – Less than half of recent law grads had ‘good jobs’ waiting after graduation

ABA Journal: “According to a report released Janaury 16, 2018 that focuses on the long-term outcomes of law degrees and includes a survey of college graduates, more than half of the individuals with JDs surveyed indicated that if they had it to do over, they’d still go to law school. However less than half of that group felt that their law degrees were worth the cost, particularly recent graduates. The report [Examining Value, Measuring Engagement – A National Study of the Long-Term Outcomes of a Law Degree] was done by the AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit that focuses on improving access to legal education. It commissioned Gallup for the survey. For respondents who graduated from law school during and after the Great Recession—the time period between 2009 and 2017—only 44 percent indicated that they had a “good job” waiting for them when they graduated. Of the post-recession graduates, 26 percent said that it took them more than one year to find a good job. Comparatively, only 10 percent pre-recession law graduates said that it took them more than a year to find a good job. The survey questioned 10,715 adults with bachelor’s degrees or higher, who graduated from college between 1941 and 2017. Out of all respondents, 813 had JDs, and 63 percent practiced law. Also, 182 of the JDs surveyed had additional advanced degrees…”

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