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Report by 3 companies – Cyber resiliency in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Cyber resiliency in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – A roadmap for global leaders facing emerging cyber threats

“The First Industrial Revolution, in the late 18th century, was driven largely by steam engines. The second, in the late 19th century, introduced mass production and the division of labor. The third, in the late 20th century, involved digital automation and information technology. Only decades later, the world is now on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new world revolves around cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Services. Our hyper-connectivity in this new digital world has been a boon for productivity— connecting and executing tasks with a speed that was inconceivable even five years ago. With that hyper-connectivity, however, comes the risk of significant disruption through a cyberattack—the potential consequences of which have escalated dramatically. Until recently, cybersecurity largely meant defending against website defacements, denial of service attacks, and data breaches. The threat posed by them, however, is now morphing into the realm of physical assets and critical infrastructure….”

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