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Reminder about free CRS reports via

“A few months back DemandProgress launched a website containing new Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports – There are ~8,400 reports on the site, with more coming each week. We get the reports straight from Congress, there is no charge for access, and we make the reports available for bulk download. We also have a twitter account that announces new reports at @everycrsreport. If you maintain a website or libguide that points users to government documents resources, we would appreciate your adding a link to EveryCRSReport. This will make it easier for people searching for CRS reports to find the most recent versions because it will improve the website’s visibility to search engines. Here at Stanford, we’ve cataloged EveryCRSreport ( – [thank you all so much!] so it’ll be easy to grab the bib record from OCLC. In addition, some other websites that traditionally provided access to CRS reports are not functional at the moment, so you may wish to review your other links to see if it still works. (I’m archiving a bunch of those sites, so please check for older CRS reports, live and no-longer-working CRS sites at” [Via James Jacobs / GovDoc-L]

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