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Quartz – Google took your drawings and taught its AI to sketch on its own

Dave Gershgom: “A few months ago, Google made a game called Quick, Draw!, where it supplied you with a word and you’d try to sketch it online. The game then used a neural network, a statistical approximation of how the brain learns, to identify what you were trying to sketch. It was like playing Pictionary with an opponent powered by more than a dozen high-powered data centers across the world. As people played the game, Google collected more and more examples of how humans quickly sketch common things, like owls, gardens, pigs, and yoga. So researchers took those examples and built another neural network, one that would mimic the way humans draw, that had the capability to draw a few ideas on its own. The network, called Sketch-RNN, learned to draw from more than 5 million sketches that people entered into the Quick, Draw! site, according to a Google paper by researchers David Ha and Douglas Eck…”

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