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Politico posts 19-page internal GOP policy brief on Obamacare repeal and replace

Via Politico: Internal GOP Talking Points and Plans for Replacing Obamacare – Policy Brief and Resources – “Obamacare has failed. Six years after the enactment of Obamacare, here’s what we know: This law has failed the American people. Insurance markets are collapsing. Premiums and deductibles are soaring. Patients’ choices are dwindling. The law has failed to deliver on its core promises. The law is only getting worse. While we could simply allow the law to collapse, that would not be fair to the American families struggling under Obamacare. The truth is, left unaddressed, the situation would only get worse – with even fewer coverage options and even higher costs.

  • Repeal is relief. That’s why, when the House returns after President’s Day, we will act to repair the damage done by Obamacare by repealing the law and replacing it with a better system. We will deliver on our promise to the American people.
  • A stable transition. Our efforts will ensure protections for the most vulnerable, and there will be a stable transition period to a patient-centered health care system that gives Americans access to quality, affordable care.
  • We have a better way. Our replacement plan ensures more choices, lower costs, and greater control over your health care. Specifically it:
  • Moves health care decisions away from Washington and to where they belong: with patients, their families, and their doctors,
  • Provides coverage protections and peace of mind for all Americans—regardless of age, income, medical conditions, or circumstances,
  • Gives patients the right tools, like Health Savings Accounts, to make their health insurance more portable and affordable,
  • Allows those who don’t receive insurance from an employer or government program to have access to quality coverage,
  • Breaks down barriers that restrict choice and prevent Americans from picking the plan that is best for them and their family,
  • Modernizes and strengthens Medicaid to protect the most vulnerable…”

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