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Pew – 1 in 4 black Americans have faced online harassment because of their race or ethnicity

“A wide cross-section of Americans have experienced and encountered abusive behaviors online, according to a recently released Pew Research Center survey. And although this harassment can take many forms, some minority groups more frequently encounter harassment that carries racial overtones. This is particularly true for black Americans, a quarter of whom say they have been targeted online due to their race or ethnicity, compared with 10% of Hispanics and 3% of whites. A number of survey respondents shared their personal experiences with racism online. One white respondent said, “Race issues seem to have a big market on Facebook and that really brings out ugliness and an issue that should not be on social media in my opinion.” A black respondent recalled seeing “a talk about police killings of unarmed black people [that] turned into a full-on verbal assault with racial slurs being hurled at the people who opposed the police killings.”

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