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One Book Has 40 Metro Maps From Around the World

“The text [in this link] is an excerpt from the book “One Metro World” which [Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic] self-published with a KickStarter Campaign in 2017…Metro systems around the world are strikingly homogeneous. They share common mechanisms and infrastructure characteristics. Most systems are located underground, trains run on tracks and usually serve a fixed route with constant terminal points while lines are colored and named or numbered. The very way one uses and navigates a metro system is similar anywhere around the world. Nevertheless the representation of these systems is multiple and as so much as it may accurately address local particularities or tastes, it fails to provide a clear feel of belonging to a wider community, a global urban community…Maps composed using the INAT graphic language are compact in shape and therefore handy to use on a wide range of media. The language is also easy enough to interpret as it uses a consistent set of symbols and syntax rules. Finally it makes use of schematization and mnemonics to aid the creation of a mental image…”

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