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NYT – With New Digital Tools, Even Nonexperts Can Wage Cyberattacks

The New York Times: “The ransomware tactic behind a global cyberattack on Friday was nothing new. But new digital tools mean that hackers “don’t even need to have any skills to do this anymore.”
Attack May Worsen Monday, It Is Feared – “The effects of Friday’s attack could be magnified as workers return to their offices in the new workweek.”

AP – Why Cybersecurity Experts Fear More ‘Ransomeware’ Attacks – “Cyberattacks like the one “WannaCry” malware that hit 150 countries starting last Friday could continue to spread through operating systems that have not been updated with security patches.”
FedEx Confirms It Has Also Been Hit With RansomWare Attack: “Implementing Remediation Steps As Quickly As Possible”

The Hill – “WanaDecrypt0r, alternately known by names like Wanna Cry, struck hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 100 nations since the attack began Friday morning, with victims ranging from hospitals in the U.K. to a telecom in Spain, U.S.-based FedEx to the Russian Ministry of the Interior.  WanaDecrypt0r was so virulent in part because it used a Windows hacking tool that appears to have been stolen and leaked from the NSA. Though Microsoft had patched the security hole in Windows that tool used in March before it was leaked in April, businesses often lag in installing updates for reasons including industry-specific software being incompatible with the most current version of operating systems.”
WSJ – Microsoft claims stolen U.S. government code fuels cyberattack

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