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NYT – Supreme Court Pick Is Neil Gorsuch, an Echo of Scalia in Philosophy and Style

The New York Times – Solid Conservative; Not Seen as Divisive

  • “President Trump summoned two front-runners to the capital and then revealed his choice of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch during a live television broadcast.
  • Judge Gorsuch is a reliably conservative figure in the mold of Antonin Scalia, the former justice who died in February, but is not someone known to be divisive.
  • Where Gorsuch Would Fit on the Court – Judge Gorsuch would be a reliable conservative, a study said, who is likely to vote “to limit gay rights, uphold restrictions on abortion and invalidate affirmative action programs.”
  • Little Doubt of His Conservative Credentials – Judge Gorsuch, 49, is an originalist who tries to interpret the Constitution with the understanding of those who adopted it.
  • After the Nomination: What Happens Next?”

Washington Post – Supreme Court nomination could end the Senate’s history as the world’s greatest deliberative body. “With activists on both sides girding for a fight, some Republicans are contemplating putting an end to the filibuster. Such a step would profoundly change the nature of the Senate, where the founders intended to slow down and cool off the hasty and heated impulses more common in the House.”

SCOTUSBlog – President nominates Gorsuch to Supreme Court

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