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New Website Shows IGs Found More Than $25B in Potential Cost Savings in FY 2017 was created by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) to consolidate in one place all public reports from Federal Inspectors General (IGs) in order to improve the public’s access to independent and authoritative information about the Federal Government. The site includes a publicly accessible, text searchable repository of reports published by IGs. The reports appearing on, as well as the data associated with them, have been posted directly to the site by the IG that issued it. CIGIE operates and maintains the site. Reports on can also be accessed through the websites of the individual Offices of Inspectors General (OIGs)…

The data presented in the charts on the Home and Reports pages are from three sources:

  • CIGIE’s Annual Progress Reports the President, which present aggregate data about the annual accomplishments of Federal OIGs. This data is uploaded to directly by CIGIE upon publication of a new annual report.
  • OIGs’ Semiannual Reports, which present data about the semiannual accomplishments of individual OIGs. This data is uploaded to by each OIG.
  • Data from individual reports uploaded to This data is uploaded to by each OIG…”

See alsoOversight Garden – “a free and open source project of Eric Mill, David Cook, Olivia Cheng, Steve Pulec, and other wonderful humans. Original writing licensed under CC-BY 4.0…Gathers and allows users to search for reports of every U.S. federal IG that publishes them..”

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