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New Study Reveals Average Income According to Age

New Study Reveals Average Income According to Age (Results Are Alarming) For many people and families, age-based earnings don’t match cost of living.  “As a worker (or anyone, really), you know having some immediate cash flow is a given. But if you’re serious about financial planning, it’s crucial to have an idea of how big your paychecks will be in the future, too. To help you out, Amelia Josephson of SmartAsset has broken down the latest full-time earnings data from the Bureau of Labor Statist

The income-by-age breakdown – Starting at age 20, salaries break down as follows:

  • 20-24 = $528 per week ($27,456 per year)
  • 25-34 = $758 per week ($39,416 per year)
  • 35-44 = $950 per week ($49,400 per year)
  • 45-54 = $962 per week ($50,024 per year)
  • 55-64 = $954 per week ($49,608 per year)
  • 65+ = $888 per week ($46,176 per year)

Because these are averages, they can hide issues like gender income gaps. That said, the key takeaway is that your income likely will be highest between ages 45 and 54. Because income probably will drop well before you hit retirement age, it’s critical to start saving as early as you can to ensure you can handle inflation and make up what you lose from the salary decline…”

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