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New site focuses on selling food and household essentials for $3 or less

Fast Company – This New Site Sells Food And Household Essentials–All For $3 Or Less “Brandless wants to do away with corporate markups on everyday products, from corkscrews to organic maple syrup…Sharkey and Leffler set out to create a new landing point for a consumer who’s looking for quality and transparency, and eschews brand loyalty and the resulting choice overload familiar to anyone who’s ever stepped into a grocery store aisle. Their resulting venture is appropriately called Brandless, and it launched on July 11 with a curated selection of around 115 essential products (which will balloon to 300 by December)–from condiments to kitchen appliances to cleaning products–all for $3 or less..” Note – the site sells products that are Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, No Added Sugar, Certified Kosher. The company is “Partnering with Feeding America the nation’s leading domestic hunger relief organization, the monetary equivalent of a meal is donated every time you shop on Brandless…”

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