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New site debuts – Quartz at Work

If you are a regular reader and/or consumer of even just a slice of the daily dose of articles, news, guides, presentations, Ted Talks, topical podcasts, and of course, consultant driven workshops in the workplace, on the many permutations of “Leadership” and “Management,” Quartz may just have a new pit stop to add to your learning program. I have nothing whatsoever to do in terms of an affiliation with this site or any of its brethren, but i do appreciate the concept and content of the new Quartz at Work. So, take a look, read some of the articles, such as Time is a strong but rarely recognized power construct in the workplace, and let me know if you find the site useful.

“Each day on Quartz at Work, you’ll find new stories about the topics we’re most obsessed with, including:

  • The delicate art of managing others
  • Tools and approaches for tapping into productivity and creativity
  • The progress being made (or not) in workplace inclusion efforts
  • The design of organizations
  • How to be a high achiever and still have a rich personal and family life…”

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