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National Parks Conservation Association Map of Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species

“National parks are places where plants and animals have the opportunity to thrive. While this site provides detailed information on species in a few national parks across the National Park System, this map shows all national parks that, based on our methodology, provide habitat for threatened and endangered species. Explore the map or use the links below to download the full dataset or to learn more about how the maps was developed.”

From California condors to Florida panthers, there are more than 1,600 threatened and endangered species throughout the United States. And while only about a third of those species are found in national parks, places like Great Smoky Mountains, Glacier, and Big Bend National Parks provide some of the best, last or most protected habitats for these plants and animals. This site provides a snapshot of how the protections provided by national parks and by the Endangered Species Act work together to protect species for the long term.

Learn more about the plants and animals found in specific national parks or explore our map to see how endangered species are spread throughout national parks across the country…”

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