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Mueller asks court for 100 more blank subpoenas ahead of Manafort trial

The Hill: “Special counsel Robert Mueller is asking a federal court in Virginia for 100 blank subpoenas in the case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.  The request was made in a filing on Wednesday. The subpoenas would require their recipients to testify in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria on July 25, when Manafort’s trial in Virginia is set to begin. No further information was provided in the filing, and a spokesman for the special counsel did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment. The request comes roughly a month after Mueller filed a request for 150 blank subpoenas. [emphasis added]

  • See also the Washington Examiner: “Special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday asked for 150 blank subpoenas in the Eastern District of Virginia where he has filed charges against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The request covers 75 potential subpoenas. In legal cases, two subpoenas are issued for each witness with one going to the individual and a second sent to the court. A blank subpoena allows the government to fill in the name of a witness after it is served. Mr. Mueller revealed little about the subpoenas in the two-page filing, saying only that the recipient must appear at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia on July 25 to testify. Mr. Manafort’s Virginia trial for money laundering, tax evasion and other charges is scheduled to start on July 25.”
  • See also the Washington Examiner – Paul Manafort is being treated like a ‘VIP’ in prison, says special counsel: “…Mueller’s team of prosecutors on Wednesday cite a recorded prison call where Manafort says he can visit with his lawyers “every day,” has “gone through all the discovery now” and has “all my files I would like at home.” “Among the unique privileges Manafort enjoys at the jail are a private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates’ units, his own bathroom and shower facility, his own personal telephone, and his own workspace to prepare for trial,” prosecutors wrote. “Manafort is also not required to wear a prison uniform. On the monitored prison phone calls, Manafort has mentioned that he is being treated like a ‘VIP’.” Telphone logs show that in the last three weeks, Manafort has had more than 100 phone calls with his attorneys and another 200 calls with other persons. “Manafort also possesses a personal laptop that he is permitted to use in his unit to review materials and prepare for trial. The jail has made extra accommodations for Manafort’s use of the laptop, including providing him an extension cord to ensure the laptop can be used in his unit and not just in the separate workroom,” wrote Mueller’s team of Andrew Weissman, Greg Andres, and Brandon L. Van Grack…”

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