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Modernizing the “High Speed Handoff” between the Legislative and Executive

Modernizing the “High Speed Handoff” between the Legislative and Executive: An Interview with Treasury’s Adam Goldberg and Justin Marsico: “HData CEO Hudson Hollister recently interviewed Adam Goldberg and Justin Marsico on their work furthering data standardization across the federal government, progress toward innovation and transformation at the U.S. Treasury Department, and modernization in the warrant generation process. They discuss the future state they’d create (if only they had a magic wand) — some sort of automatic interface between the legislative and the executive — and the real-life, incremental steps necessary to actually get there.

Hudson Hollister: We’re grateful to be joined today by Justin Marsico, the Chief Data Officer and Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at the United States Treasury, and Adam Goldberg, the Acting Assistant Commissioner for Financial Innovation and Transformation at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Adam and Justin, thanks for joining us. Our interview series is based on the concept of “Data First.” We believe that laws and regulations work best when we draft and manage them as standardized data. The story of Data First doesn’t stop with laws and regulations, of course. Government information, once it is expressed as searchable data becomes both more transparent and efficient — and both of you have extensive backgrounds pursuing the idea of Data First in the federal government’s financial information…”

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