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Meet the human Google – Edda Tasiemka, 95

The Oldie – “Edda has filled her London house with news cuttings for fifty years. Now she’s giving away her archive, she tells Miles Goslett Authors, journalists and programme-makers have been visiting an anonymous suburban house in Golders Green, north London, for nearly forty years. What has drawn them there is the Hans Tasiemka Archive, a privately owned collection of more than six million magazine and newspaper cuttings – including from The Oldie – dating from the 19th century to the present day. Since 1979, this jewel of journalism has been run by Edda Tasiemka, Hans’s remarkable widow, now 95. During a recent research trip, I was told that Mrs Tasiemka had finally resolved to lay down her scissors and part with her extraordinary library. It is a big decision. An institution is coming to an end. Mercifully, the treasure trove is not going to be incinerated or recycled, but has instead been given free of charge as a going concern to another archivist, James Hyman, on condition he keeps it intact. He has exciting plans for its expansion (of which more later)…” [h/t/ Barclay Walsh]


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