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Mass Shootings in the US, Gun Reform Law, Gun Control Facts

1. The Washington Post: The Math of Mass Shootings.
2. The Guardian: 1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days: America’s gun crisis-in one chart.
3. USA Today: A Timeline of U.S. Mass Killings.
4. Shootingtracker – An ongoing online project chronicling every mass shooting on U.S. soil.
5. Mother Jones Investigation: U.S. Mass Shootings from 1982-2017.
6. Vox: Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts.
7. NYT Graphic- Too many days have passed, from one tragedy to the next. This is the time for Congress to act.
8. Project Syndicate Commentaries – The All American Massacre

Via the ABA – a current guide to gun control facts:
Q. The horrific shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 renewed the unsettled national debate on gun control, including the legality of owning automatic weapons. What are the current state and federal laws governing restrictions on types of firearms a person can own, and what guidelines have the courts established in their review of cases?

Aside from the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, for more than 80 years the National Firearms Act (NFA) has served as the foundation of federal law affecting ownership of guns. The federal statute, passed in 1934 and amended sparingly since then, is augmented by a mosaic of state and local laws that vary considerably and result in most of the more recent court challenges to gun restrictions…”

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