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Map of all Nuclear Reactors in the world and the history of their decline

FastCompany – This Map Of All The Nuclear Reactors In The World Is A Reality Check: “There are fewer nuclear reactors than you may realize. And by the time more are financed and built, the Arctic ice will be all gone anyway…A new map from Carbon Brief shows the location of every reactor ever built around the world, including the 400 nuclear power stations now in use and others under construction. “Once you see it visually like that, you really get a sense of where the history of nuclear power is, and where it’s future is going to be,” says Simon Evans, policy editor for the U.K.-based Carbon Brief. Some countries have given up on nuclear power completely, such as Germany, which closed eight reactors after the disaster at Fukushima in 2011 and plans to close the rest by 2022. Lithuania and Italy have shut down their reactors. Sweden’s national power company announced in January that its nuclear plants are losing money, and may shut down for financial reasons…”

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